New Jitsi repos


For people who have been on the community call sometime in the past couple months, you’ll have heard talk about some refactoring work on the bridge. I’ve been working on a new, stripped-down version of libjitsi which only focuses on what the bridge needs (which is a small subset of what the current libjitsi does). This effort spurred some other related work which has all lived in repositories on my personal account until today: I’ve now added all of these to the Jitsi account so for anyone who has been following them, you should now start watching there. The repos/branches of interest are:

Jitsi RTP handles RTP/RTCP parsing

Sctp4j is mostly existing code that lived in libjitsi but has been slightly refactored and moved out into its own repo. It adds a JNI wrapper and a Java API to usrsctp for working the SCTP connections in Java.

Jitsi media transform is responsible for creating the media pipelines and processing media packets.

The nlj-jvb branch on the jitsi-videobridge repo is where the bridge changes to work with this new code are currently being worked on.

None of this code should be considered stable right now, we’re doing our best and hope to merge by 3/31 but can’t make any promises and will post on the forum when we do. For anyone who’s interested in following the development, these are now the places you should look.