New Jitsi Project implementation

I had never used Jitsi before. We are implementing a new react project that will include video meeting sessions. This project will have java spring boot as backend and react JS typescript as front end.

We have made our research and we found that Jitsi Meet can be our match :slightly_smiling_face:

Our target is to implement within our website the following:

  • Video meeting screen between 2 and more participants

  • Able to go full screen, picture in picture mode when minimize, make a screen share, put a background picture/Blurred background

  • Add some components within the full screen mode.

Our website may have up to 50000 minutes of video meeting per month, from different sessions since itโ€™s a platform where any user can create his own meeting.

After research we have found that we can implement a video meeting and use the domain , or we can implement our own server for Jitsi video bridge.

Our question is if there any limitation for the domain So can we can use Jitsi only in the front end part without installing a backend video Bridge

OR with this number of meetings we are obliged to use pro services or implement a video bridge server?

What is the best implementation scenario we can take :roll_eyes:

Welcome to the forum.

Honestly, for your use case, I think youโ€™ll benefit immensely from working with the team at Saves you the hassle of hosting your own server and managing all the associated demands.

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