New Jitsi Meet faster with Firefox than with Chromium

Hi there,

Just a quick observation regarding the newly introduced Firefox compatibility of

When using Jitsi Meet on Chromium 81 (Linux Mint 19.3 on a 10 years old notebook), the displayed video stream of myself (haven’t checked that yet on a session with 2+ members) is a bit laggy, i. e. when I’m moving in front of the camera, it’s like a (slight) slow motion.

Now, when doing the same with (the current) Firefox, this isn’t really the case anymore. It’s like the displayed video stream has - for a lack of better words - considerably more frames per second than on Chromium. So the experience on Firefox is now even better than on Chromium (yay).

Since I’ve tested this several times with the same result, I wonder if this improvenment is due to the browsers themselves (or their respective WebRTC implementation), or how Jitsi handles Firefox vs. Chromium.

Just wanted to share this observation.