New 'Invite more people' modal not including sip calls

Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but I’ve checked this git pull here which is what introduces the new ‘invite more people’ feature, moving the ‘share’ link into it and adding invite by email as well.

Theoretically the sip dialog to add a number should appear there, but it doesn’t. In the logs I see sip gateway enabled, and no jigasi errors in the logs. I have no other ‘+’ button in the interface, just the new one with the ‘user’ icon and the +.

Any idea what else I should check/configure? Maybe I need to add a new option to interface_config.js? (since in outgoing calls are disable I got no means to see if I should add something else).

BTW, this happened since the upgrade to the new UI. I actually checking /before/ upgrading if SIP was still working well, and it was.

Thank you!

I gave this yet another test today. Jigasi is not working at all, for either incoming or outgoing calls. Jigasi logs seem fine.

Also, any idea when prosody 0.11 will be including in jitsi-meet package? Or does it just depend on the OS installed? (Debian 9 in my case).

Responding myself since nobody did!

In order to enable outgoing calls from the new interface, you have to add this to interface_config.js: