New invite dialog?


I just compiled latest meet iOS app and noticed that the “invite someone” function has changed quite a bit.

I now get a white screen with “Enter phone number” and no longer have the ability to share the URL via whatsapp, email, etc like until very recently.

Is this new function explained or documented anywhere? I want to revert back to the old invitation method which was a lot more flexible than adding “phone numbers” but not sure where to look.


I just checked the version from the store the feature is still there, it is not removed. ‘Enter phone number’ sounds like the dialing out feature.

Yup, it is the dial out feature popping up.

If it’s not removed then how can I access the “old” menu. Whenever I click on “invite someone” in the latest iOS app (built from master yesterday) I only get the dial out option.
I don’t see any way to use the old sharing function.

I just did another test.

App Store version works as expected (no enter phone number screen, just the normal iOS sharing).
But that release is over 1 month old.

When I compile latest master I get the behavior described above, so something must have changed recently…

@Zoltan_Bettenbuk and @saghul can you help here :slight_smile: ^ Thanks

Not sure if it’s related but it seems it may be


FTR, I replied on GH:

TLDR: it will be coming back.

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Great. I closed the ticket on GH because I think the original bug has disappeared.
Let me know when the dialog is back so I can compile and test it.


Any news on when it will be back?

Soon, I think we may have it as soon as next week if all goes well.

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The button is back. This is in master already, SDK 2.0 is due to be released today.

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Thanks! Will test it shortly and will provide feedback.

Well I just compiled from git and still only getting the invite someone “enter phone number” dialout screen.

I tried pointing the URL to my self-hosted domain and also and both times got only the dialout screen.

Should I reopen the ticket?

After more testing, I see that “meeting info” button brings up the sharing screen on iOS while “invite someone” brings up the dialout screen.

However, this only works when the Default_Server_URL=
If I change it to my own URL then the “meeting info” button does nothing.

I reopened the ticket