New installation self hosted on UBUNTU server 18.04 using custom port, but error

Hi, in my small office we have a couple of server/software on various VM, but only 1 dinamic IP.

We solve the dynamic IP issue using duckdns, which gives us 5 IP
and so on

My server/software have lets say the following LAN addresses for server/software 1 for server/software 2

Now since almost all server/software requires port 443 for beeing securely accessible form abroad, we have a problem since I can forward port 443 only to one single internal address (for example to only and not to another LAN address).

So I was thinking of using a different port, for example for a Jitsi server, the follwoing address to be accessible abroad
and then forward the following ports
port 20100 to port 443 at the address (where I host VM with Ubuntu server on which I installed Jitsi server).
port 10000 UDP to
port 4443 TCP to

During installation I opened port 80 to, so the script
came out without error

But now when I go to the address

it logs in, but then it disconnects, and tries to riconnect

Any hint?

I changed the file /etc/jitsi/videobridge/ as below

I tried also to change the below line taking out the port

but results is same, I always get disconnected