New install

I have a new install this evening, using Ubuntu 18.04 Server
I installed the complete suite
Jitsi comes up, I can create a room, video and audio work, I send the link to someone, they enter the room, but we can not see, hear or type to each other, the room only shows 1 member, I am port forwarding through Pfsense ports 4443, 10000, 80, 443 (TCP) and ports 10000:20000 (UDP) can you assist


Hi Keith,

I think you only need UDP 10000-20000 not TCP 10000. I also think you won’t need port 80. See here for why I think that. But that doesn’t explain why Jitsi is not working for you. I’ve been told that Jitsi needs openjdk-8 and won’t work with other (higher) versions of openjdk. You could check that your server indeed uses openjdk-8.

At least you’ve gotten much further than I have been so far: I tried a fresh vanilla Debian 10 VM as well as Ubuntu 16.04 (recommended in the video) and have no luck with either. May I ask which steps you followed to get this going on Ubuntu 18.04? Was it simply a matter of following the guidelines?


Additionally, according to this you only need UDP port 10000 (no need for a range). It contradicts what I’ve read elsewhere though…

I just followed the instructions, had no issues, I suspect my problem is behind the pfsense firewall, but am not sure. but thanks for the tweeking notes, not sure about the no needing port 80, but will take it out and see. I did perform the complete suite install not the piece mill one,

the ones on the download page

what I read led me to believe the more users you have in a conference they begin using different port for communications

Port 80 is for http traffic to your landing page
Port 443 is for https traffic to your landing page

UDP port 10000 should do it. No need for the range.