New install with user complaints

I have set up a ubuntu 20 server al setup jitsi, I have disabled al the stuff that everyone says to help with performance. I have about 60 employees and over half are working from home via VPN’s. I currently have a 500mb link which is being upgraded to 1gb today. I have been getting mixed results from users while testing. when i test it seems to be ok, i had a mix of inhouse and vpn connections with about 10 people. the ceo wants to be able to have employee meetings a some point which means at least 60 in a single meeting. any suggestions.

The server i set up is a HP ProLiant DL360 G7 with dual CPU’s 24 core’s and 32GB of ram. It does nothing else but jitsi, does not face to the public IP.

Not sure is this download or upload, but it can handle very roughly up to 125 HD streams, receiving.
So if you have a conference with 20 people you will have 20*4=80Mbps download and 80 upload. So one conference with 60 people fills up half of the link, you better monitor server bandwith, cpu usage and udp packets drop on kernel level to see how it performs.

leaving the building i will have 1gb, my server is hooked up via a 10gb link to a big HP switch with all 10gb links and all my down links to the closets are 10gb fiber to switches to the users at 1gb so in house i should be fine. i shouldn’t have more than 20 -25 VPN users but my tests with a few of them their video is fuzzy. still trying to figure that out.

it is a symmetrical dedicated fiber, which is suppose to be upgraded today at 4:00 to 1gb.

Well we had problems in the past where the media was going through the vpn and we were switching rules to make it not go through vpn but through the public Internet as adding the vpn hop which reduces and the packet sizes brings quality down.

I have a mixture of ipsec boxes and dial-up SSL and both have fuzzy video. I will have to do some digging around to see if I can find some settings to help with the issues.