New install of Jitsi Meet on my home-based server fails when more than one person onsite

Have just installed new clean debian buster, config of ssh and ufw “allow” ports. I can visit jitsi site fine but noone else can. Only one at a time can access Jitsi site. So no conferences can be held.
Any ideas what I might have missed from the “quick install” setup on Github?

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It doesn’t seem like you’ve successfully deployed JItsi. If no one else can join the room, it means you’re really just looking at the feed from your camera, you’re not in a Jitsi meeting at all. What do you see in your browser logs (js console)?

The logs are huge. I don’t know which directory I should view? which directory or file is “js console” in? Thanks for your reply

By the way, Freddie, I did follow the Github “self-host” quick install instructions to the letter. I don’t know where I’ve failed.

Browser logs are on your browser (Chrome). You go to View_Developer_Javascript Console. Then, while open try joining a meeting again (2nd user) and check to see the errors in the console.

It could just be something you overlooked; it happens sometimes.

I just searched “How to view browser logs”. There is no simple “view” selection. I’ll go get an education in browser logs now. I see their need, but I’m not sure if this is necessary since I did not use Chrome to access my install. I used Firefox. I’ll attempt to also get educated about viewing Firefox logs. Thanks again Freddie.

maybe nothing, last time I looked (I don’t use Debian myself) recommended procedure was to install a thing called about ‘adoptopenjdk’ from PPA and this was failing by design, maybe you did just that ? if yes un-adopt it and install java 11 from Debian standard repository. Java 8 is only mandatory if you use Jibri.

Yes, I did install adoptopenjdk. I didn’t know its failures, thank you for the heads up! I installed it in anticipation of installing Jibri. I guess I will now install Java 11. I don’t know how to “un-adopt” without redoing the entire install of debian and jitsi…unfortunately. But thanks for the advice about adoptopenjdk.
I’ll begin the new install now. Thanks

oh well, it was a poor joke. Means uninstall really.

GPatel-fr, when I don’t stop Apache2 from running, I get “error” in trying to load full-nginx version. Lots of them. However, since I haven’t yet successfully ever loaded a clean Jitsi-meet install, could that be because I’m wrongfully stopping a necessary service like Apache2. But I get the Nginx errors. What gives? I follow the “quick install” version here to the letter. But I’m still failing. Please advise.

Huh, how can you have both Nginx and Apache installed ? seem strange.
what gives dpkg -l nginx* apache*