New install jitsi meet app button in Chrome?

Hi guys,

I recently rebuilt our self-hosted and skinned installation from jitsi-meet master.

I noticed that now there’s a new button in chrome that looks like a + sign at the end of the URL bar that prompts us to “Install Jitsi Meet” app.

This is new to me and I can’t find where in the code this new behavior was added.

Can someone point me to the source code for this?


I think I found the code reponsible for this here

However I already have in my interface_config.js


But it still shows up during meetings…
Any help?

I think this is something that was recently added to chrome, I see it on many sites. Haven’t dig into what is that …

Yeah it’s fairly new. I just noticed it myself because one of our users thought it was strange and alerted us.

Not sure how to disable it, or at least change the name since it confuses users in our rebranded app.

I thought it was the chrome extension thing I mentioned above, but maybe that’s related to the legacy chrome extension that used to be required to install in order to share desktop. But that hasn’t been the case anymore for a long time so not sure what’s going on.

Please keep me posted once you figure out what it is.


After further investigation I suspect this maybe TWA related?

Does that make sense?


@saghul Any ideas on this?


Hi @saghul

Any info on this? Would like to disable this new “feature” since it’s confusing users of my self-hosted server.
Any clue where I should look in the code?


This sounds like the TWA to me. If it is, you can disable it by commenting out the following line in index.html:

There might be another way of really disabling the TWA in the config that I am unaware of. As a workaround it seems to be sufficient to disable serving the manifest file.

You could probably also edit the manifest.json you linked above to match your rebranded instance but I did not try that myself.

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That was it.
Thanks @plokta