New instale jitsi Error during WebSocket handshake: Unexpected response code: 404

Please help me are fix these probleme. I have server are run old verzion jitsi from long time. I want make new verzion jitsi for server so I make purge uninstale jitsi from sever and try instale new. He give me many problemez instale new versionz. Now he show websocket error 404. But I no undastand. I search for forumz and people who get 404 use apache but I no use apache i use nginx. I use quick instale for instale me jitsi. Why I have these probleme? Somebody please help me are fix.

Error during WebSocket handshake: Unexpected response code: 404

Anybody are help please?

@damencho sorry i bothere you but I trying since 2 days no no why I get these 404 error for new installe

Did you verify if you have followed all the quick install instructions…without missing anything?

While you are waiting for input from others, you may reinstall using this script: GitHub - pregalla/jitsi: Installer for Jitsi, Jigasi, and Jibri and check if it works as expected…

Uninstall and then install…

Yes I installe jitsi many times before no mistake at all. These are no installe mistake is sometin else are cause the error. Maybe sometin he no uninstale so he make probleme. I no want use skripte because I make many modificationz after.

Share your nginx config.