New Features


Thanks for I am the WebMaster for the Central Gulf Coast Hurricane Ham Radio Net’s webpage. ( We are trying Jit for our members to get together and video chat.

Would the following features be possible:
Button to toggle an alert sound when a new member enters the room?
Allow a room member to clear their own chat window?
Replace the static users image with their own .jpg photo?

Thanks for considering it.
Mike K5HUM


There is already a sound when someone joins.

This is not available and is not that is currently on our roadmap.

Every user can login in gravatar and configure its avatar for a desired email and when you enter your email in the profile setting, your avatar will appear in that moment for the rest of the users.


The default sound is way too low in volume and pitch, its almost unnoticeable.
Changing image in gravatar is too complicated for ordinary users. Not sure how
APPEAR.IN does it but know its easily done. Maybe they store it in a cookie?
Anyway, thanks again for your attention. Mike


I have no idea, but they require authentication, so you should register and enter your name and probably later a profile picture. Where we have anonymous service.
If you embed jitsi-meet in a service where you have avatar and name, you should use jwt and there is no need for the user to set anything.