New features implementation

We have a number of features that we want to add to Jitsi and I was wondering if any of you guys can help in developing them.

Let me introduce you to two of our requirements:

  1. Enable streaming to Facebook.
  2. Fetch room chats from Jitsi server.

I can’t wait to hear from you guys. You should state your project payment model preference and your rate if applicable.



sent you a personal message;

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Hi @baherhosni,
Actually, if you need to enable Facebook stream, then we have to setup jibri and then need to add custom FFmpeg scripts. And also we have to install sub-modules as well. And if you need to get stats about existing conferences then we have to enable the XMPP interface to COLIBRI. If you need to know more details then please shoot me to email and if you need to know more about me then please have a look ( Thank you.

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We are a team of experts working on projects related to real-time-communication. Jitsi has been one of the main platforms that we have used to deliver most of our solutions for more than 3 years now. Please find below our feedback on the given two requirements.

  1. Jitsi’s component which takes care of streaming i.e. jibri needs to be configured properly to achieve facebook streaming. If you need multiple conferences to be streamed a solid autoscaling solution is needed to handle variable loads as a single server can only stream a single conference.
  2. There are few approaches to this assuming you want to save the chat history in a server. One is to replace the jitsi’s prosody and replacing it with openfire. Other would-be to configure xmpp modules and plugins.

We prefer to work on task basis where we would be providing a quotation based on the task. For more details please contact us through and one of our experts will connect with you.

Looking forward for your response!

Team Telzee

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Thanks for the reply. Let me get in touch with you very soon.

Thanks for the response. Let me get in touch with you very soon.

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Hi, I am unable to contact you on the supplied email address! I get no response. Can you please provide another channel of communication?

I have sent you an email to the supplied address.

Dear Baher,

We did reply on email and sent you a message on skype as well. Let us know if you did not receive them.

Team Telzee