New Feature wanted in in - A prompt for meeting attendee name prior to joining the meeting

As a nonprofit that has gone virtual with our programs, we are now going out and videotaping our park walks for the senior citizens since we cannot go out with them for the foreseeable future. We need a video conferencing platform that is able to show high quality video and Jitsi is the best that is out there hands down so we want to use Jitsi

In order for us to track participation in the video conferences for funding purposes and for security reasons, we need people to input their full name before joining the meeting. We and our volunteer web developer would like to make a change to the jitsi requireDisplayName code that would allow the person organizing the meeting (host) to have the option to either require the DisplayName or not. If we made that change to the code, would you add this to the code on the jitsi server If so, how long would it take to be added? Thank you for your consideration.

You can still enable requireDisplayName by using iframe API and add the logic you want in your code. On there is no notion of who organised the meeting, but you can add such logic in your code and use the API to embed

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