🚨 NEW FEATURE: Breakout Rooms - How to Enable

Thanks @emrah This works like a charm on ubuntu:20.04

But one issue I see here is , If I create jwt token with a room name breakout rooms are not working , is this expected behaviour ?

Yes, because the breakout room name doesn’t match the token’s room in this case

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it works when using

“room”: “*”,

… doesn’t it ?

Yes it works with “*” room name

@Freddie Have there been more “big” developments since december 21? As a noncoder reading (and understanding) the changelogs is very hard :slight_smile:

Well, I guess it depends on what you call “big”… lol. I suspect you’re looking more in the direction of UI changes, but there’s been a lot of big improvements in the backend. For instance, there’s the introduction of Secure Octo, multistream capability, ability to pin multiple participants, face centering and so on and so forth. These are huge developments, but not obvious to the user because they’re not drastic UI changes, meaning, some changes to UI behavior, yes, but not necessarily the introduction of new UI features.


Thanks for the explanation @Freddie That was what I wanted to know;-)

But by putting “room”: “*”, user can join any meeting.

How to change the breakout room name?

As far as I know, this is currently not possible …

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