New End/Leave meeting buttons not covered by buttonsWithNotifyClick

Loving the new End vs Leave Conference buttons (thanks @wfleischer :beers: )!

I noticed it does not yet take into account the buttonsWithNotifyClick option which means it is not yet possible to intercept clicks and implement custom behaviour. I’m particularly keen on this right now because of this: Questions regarding the new LocalRecording feature - #21 by shawn

Any chance this is already in the works?

If not, I’m happy to take a stab at PR with some guidance.

P.S. does buttonsWithNotifyClick work for mobile? I’m happy to fiddle with web but not equipped to deal with mobile.

I’ve raised a small PR for this:

Thank you!

Would you consider a PR to add “endConference” command to IFrame API? It’s not as useful to be able to intercept button clicks if it is not possible to programmatically trigger the underlying action from within the listener.

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I’ve gone ahead and took a punt with a PR:

Easier to ask for forgiveness than permission :slight_smile:

THat’s how I live my life :slight_smile:

Would it be possible to have the PRs for this (1, 2) considered for the next stable release?

I’m aware there’s a lot going on, and I don’t mean to rush anything. Just trying to get a feel of whether this is viable for next stable release.

I’ll try to take a look at them this week.


Any chance the 2 PRs could be considered for next stable release?

I’ve just rebased and resolved conflicts.

Sorry for the delay. I reviewed both. There is a small comment in the first.

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For the record, these changes have now been merged and available from Jitsi Meet v8072. Thanks @saghul

To summarise the changes:

  1. If End Conference module not enabled or not applicable (e.g. non moderator) then the hangup button in toolbar will behave as usual – it will trigger “hangup” toolbar event.
  2. If End Conference is applicable, then the button in the toolbar will trigger “hangup-menu” toolbar event while the buttons within the resulting menu will trigger “hangup” or “end-meeting” toolbar events.
  3. The hangup and endConference IFrame command can be used to trigger those actions programmatically.

I’ve updated the example code here to reflect their usage – Questions regarding the new LocalRecording feature - #21 by shawn