New changes in Jitsi

Hello Jitsi Team,

Thank you for your great work! :slight_smile:

We have integrated free jitsi web version using and disabled default Jitsi Watermark using SHOW_JITSI_WATERMARK and also disabled info button from the toolbar panel, but recently seems like something was changed in integration

So, now jitsi window looks the same as on attached image and we can not remove chat room info and logo even if these options are disabled:

Also at the bottom of the page there is Audio and Video error by default on local version.

Can you please describe how to remove jitsi logo in free jitsi version, hide room info link with Join Meeting button and how to solve Audio Video problem.

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it’s contrary to the terms of service. It has always been. Now they are enforcing it. You have to provide your own bandwidth - use your own server - to remove the logo.

use &config.prejoinPageEnabled=false

no idea - maybe it wil go away if you disable prejoin screen ?

Thank you!