New bug - Black screen for remote videos using lib-jitsi-meet

Steps to reproduce

  1. Use lib-jitsi-meet to add local track to conference room “hello”.
  2. Use web UI and join room “hello”
  3. In web UI, remote track is shown as black, or empty. However, it says the video is being received (no video muted icon).
  • This works ONLY if I publish the track before the web UI user joins the room.

What works

  1. Use web UI to publish local tracks
  2. Receiving remote streams and rendering them to a <video> element using lib-jitsi-meet works fine.


As you can see, I’m having issues publishing local tracks in one direction only. This is a new bug that occured without any updates or changes in the code? Conferences using entirely the web UI work perfectly, as you can imagine.

No errors are being shown server side with nginx, videobridge, jicofo, prosody etc.

If I use in the config for lib-jitsi-meet, the same thing happens.

Hi, have you resolved this issue?

I also faced such issue.

If emitter stop streaming and re adding stream, other user his camera as black screen.

I hope your response.

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Can you please write your comment here:

Better place so we can resolve this issue. I’m glad someone else is having this issue