New App Idea: Fighting the filter bubble by connecting people with different points of view

Dear Jitsi Community

I’m writing this post concerning an idea I had that I wanted to share with you. In the media you often read about the so called “filter bubble”. I guess people have always lived in such a bubble, even before the internet was invented. In some way, the internet amplifies this effect. However, I believe that the internet also offers great potential to minimise this effect. I feel that it would be a huge gain, if I were able to connect to different people around the globe and be able to talk with them about their way of life.

I was thinking that it would be great to have an app, which would allow me to connect to random people all over the world, willing to talk about their lives, beliefs, dreams and fears. I believe that this would help understanding other points of view in global issues better and to be more reflected in our own beliefs.

I know that there are some platforms on the market, that make you connect with random people, however none of them have this specific goal. I guess this app would need a video chat function, some kind of control mechanism to prevent misuse as well as other features. The reason I’m posting this idea here is because I believe that Jitsi might be a good firm to start such a project, due to their experience in connecting people over the internet. Additionally, I would obviously prefer if it was a firm such as Jitsi instead of big commercial one such as Google or Meta.

I would really appreciate to hear some opinions from the community about this issue, be it in terms of feasibility, potential impact on our society or other aspects.

Thank you very much

Kind regards from Switzerland!

PS: Maybe it could be called “debubble”? :blush:

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Hey there!

While I don’t see us venturing there (we are already extremely busy as it is) the SDKs we build should be enough to build the app you have in mind.