Never ending "Connection lost"

The meeting needs your Camera and Microfon, thats what i get every 20 seconds…
And the message is " unfortunately something went wrong"
I try to figure out what this could be an in logs i only see at prosody this here:
prosody[7923]: portmanager: Error binding encrypted port for https: No certificate present in SSL/TLS configuration for https port 5281

So could i use the same ssl as for apache and the other, eg jitsi?
The error doesn’t make any sense, because the ssl-cert for prosody is there and could be read.
Somebody has any ideas?

no, it does not. This ‘error message’ has been explained about a zillion of times on this forum. It has no meaning and is unrelated to the real problem.

Check your js console logs and the errors there, normally this where to start.

Okay, i doesn’t find something.
so my lxc container was deleted and i added them again. everything was fine, but my site is blank.
the logs for jitsi, nginx, prosody weren’t anything what shows me errors.

Could someone give me an hint where to search?

what do you mean by that ? in your first post you were talking about the infamous message ‘unfortunately something went wrong’ but to see it you have to at least show the welcome page and be able to enter a room.

Nothing, a “dark grey” color, thats it.
thie intsallation was with this howto:

if that’s what you get when you connect to your site, it’s a web server configuration problem. Was the installation done on top of an existing server configuration or was it a new server ?

it was i fresh new one. In this lxc is only jitsi. Nothing else.

great, now are your ports 80-443-10000 properly forwarded and masqueraded from the host to your lxc container ?

I could nmap the ports 80 and 443 is open, 10000 is closed.

Hey, i got it.
I opened developer tools in Firefox and that what i need. I saw, that a missing “,” in my jitsi-…config.js was the problem.
I added some more stun-servers and after adding at the default i forget the “,”.
But in my logs on server there was nothing…
So now i have the regular frontend.