Network Traffic at Client Side (Official Jitsi vs. Private Jitsi)


I’ve experienced more network traffic at client side via private Jitsi Meet Installation (default installation) than official Jitsi.

Client is Ubuntu (V20.04) VM.
Two - 10 minute duration and tile view - video conferences with 3 participants (participants are in the same client/Chrome Browser with different tabs) were performed for test purpose (one conference via Official Jitsi,, other conference via our private Jitsi).
My Ubuntu Client has network traffic of ~330MB (sent/received) via conference from our custom Jitsi (360p resolution is configured at /etc/jitsi/meet/*-config.js) while Ubuntu Client’s network traffic is ~170MB (sent/received) via conference from
Measurement was performed via vnstat tool at Ubuntu Linux (client).

May i ask that is there any other configuration at rather than default configuration ( ?
Where might this difference (regarding network traffic) come from ?

Thank you in advance.

Here is the one
Not sure why the difference if everybody are using 360p. You are measuring just the client traffic right?

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Thank you so much for fast response.

Yes, i measured just the client traffic for test purpose.
On the server side, when a conference with 25 participants was held, there was a traffic ~30GB (for 30 min.) and ~350GB (for 3h 30m.). Video was opened only for first 15 min. then this is audio only conference with screen share (from one participant). This seemed high and i am investigating this situation.

Please let me give some more information regarding our configuration.
In the config.js.

  • resolution: 360,
  • startBitrate: “128”,
  • constraints: {
    video: {
    aspectRatio: 16 / 9,
    frameRate: {
    max: 10
    height: {
    ideal: 360,
    max: 360,
    min: 144
  • enableLayerSuspension: true,
  • disableAudioLevels: true, [this and following three config. parameters were set to reduce client side cpu load due to audio processing at client side ]
  • disableAGC: true,
  • disableNS: true,
  • disableHPF: true,
  • startAudioOnly: true,
  • startWithAudioMuted: true,

I would investigate deeply the configuration of that you sent.

Have a nice day,
Thank you.