Need to use data channels to enable simulcast

Hi all,

I need to run Jitsi in an environment where web sockets are not supported.
We are running version: stable-6865

Whilst testing in the environment I noticed that with simulcast enabled all meeting participants were always receiving the lowest resolution video stream.

I now understand the reason for this was due to web sockets not being configured, and was able to observe higher video stream resolutions by disabling simulcast.

After searching around topics on the Jitsi community I was able to find this discussion that detailed the steps for configuring Jitsi to use data channels instead of web sockets:

I followed these steps and have been able to get simulcast working on my environment by using the data channel.

Side note, the step for updating config.js with openBridgeChannel: ‘datachannel’ was not required, and I was able to get data channels working just with enabling sctp on jicofo and jvb, and disabling websockets on jvb.

I understand that data channels have been deprecated and web sockets are the default now.

My question is how long will data channels be available as an alternative to web sockets? Are there plans to remove data channels as an option entirely in the future?

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