Need to run make dev every time I make a small change

I have to run “make dev” command every time even for a small change and It is time consuming.
is there any way it will re-render after I save my files so I don’t need to stop the webpack dev server and re-run again using make dev.

Where are you making the changes? If it’s on a JS file a reload should suffice. If it’s a CSS file, we don’t have hot reload alas.

I am making changes in js files only but after saving the files, changes are not reflecting until I restart webpack dev server in my local.

It usually takes a few seconds but you should see it refresh. What platform are you on?

me too as @AbhiV i need to run make for simple change in js or css or html

I am using windows 11 and WSL for running webpack dev server using make dev command.

I wonder if whatever is used for detecting file changes while in WSL is not working fine. I cannot reproduce his on macOS or Linux.

WSL 1 or WSL 2? And are your files store in the Linux FS root or Windows FS root?

I don’t use WSL myself so I don’t really know, but just wondering if this might be applicable – Nodemon and webpack-dev-server hot reload not working under WSL 2 after Windows 10 resinstall - Stack Overflow

Thanks a lot shawn
though I am not able to do it in windows file system but it is working if I keep my files in linux FS root.


is working if I keep my files in linux FS root.

how did you do that please?

if you are using windows 11, than in file explorer there is linux directory available. inside the directory you can put all your jitsi-meet file under ubuntu subfolder.
make sure to re-install node modules because some dependencies are platform related.
once done, than you can use make dev as usual but this time it will hot reload.


thank you for your replay

i dont use windows, i use ubuntu

if you can help me

i add this line in package json ;

“start:dev”: “webpack-dev-server”,

when i run :

npm run start:dev

i see a message :

Content not from webpack is served from ‘/home/jitsi-meet/public’

any one can help me please ?

Why not just run make dev as described in the docs? Developer Guide (Web) | Jitsi Meet

Hello when i run make dev or npm start

i get this error

[webpack-dev-server] [HPM] Error occurred while proxying request to [EAI_AGAIN] (Errors | Node.js v18.7.0 Documentation)