Need to make someone a mod depending on their parameters

I’ve got a user who will come from a web portal and needs to be made the moderator, they’ll have ‘modid=110’ or another number in their web request, with nginx I know I can intercept this but I’m unsure how to tell Jitsi “This user is a mod”

Any ideas?

Hey sorry, just wondering if anyone has any ideas or pointers here? :frowning:

If you can make that parameter a JWT you may be able to use the token_authentication module for prosody. To setup token auth see here:

And here is a discussion of how to set moderators based on JWT:

Hm I only get the teacher ID from the external source… but maybe I can validate that in nginx, create a JWT then ship it to Jitsi with the JWT?

Looking through, wow… really don’t understand why this is so complicated!