Need to customize moderator control between participants

Thanks Jitsi community, for your support.
How can i add a functionality to give Host/Moderator privilege to someone, in case the existing moderator wants to quits.
What I have found in JICOFO code base, if owner quits, default ownership going to the next joined participant, but i need to control this and add whoomever i want too. Also i want to understand the code flow and calling hierarchy between the Iframe external API and back-end to JICOFO to add more customization.

you’re comments are really helpful @damencho, thanks


Sounds like you are looking to transfer moderator role to someone before leaving? As of April 2020 this is not possible.

You would need to develop this feature in Jicofo.

Hope this helps!

Why doesn’t anyone of the devs just add a whitelist text doc for the room for Mods and for user ids?
I know i’ve said it a few times but no one is implementing such an easy and most effective way and simple in the admin section?
I did it on all my chat clients and it worked very well.
A simple whitelist is very a effective layer of security.

Hi corby,
Thanks for your time, since i am very new to jicofo and jitsi trying to understand the event flow by following logs in console like,
audio mute event, i’ve got some understandings from iframe API document with events, but also i’ve seen default moderator role assign in log as moderator when i’ve join first in conference. but unable to understand the flow how jicofo code is handling/hitting, and the connection call between the jicofo how it’s calling granting ownership method.
like how front-end event hitting the jicofo

As you said need to make a change in jicofo for moderator, where exactly need to add ?

Please help.

Check out this project

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You would need to develop a new feature yourself by modifying the source code, building and deploying your new version.

You could also use the prosody plugin mentioned by @iongraphix but that will also take a deeper technical understanding, albeit less than building from source.

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Please explain in detail how and where to implement these changes.

Can jitsi team add a function to external api that allow to set a specific partcipate as moderator?

I know I can do it on remote menu but I need to do it using api


Here sample:
Users > SSO > Admin > Create room > Join (mod - all remaining as guest - can login) > mod can granted (guest become mod)

  • Mod logout - no lost mod
  • Guest logout > login again - waiting mod join first.
  • Mod: Recording, livestream…
  • Guest only shared- screen