Need technical support on Jitsi + Jibri setup


We want technical support on Jitsi and Jibri setup along with auto scaling. We went with couple of the commercially available once on google but they seem to know too little. One of them took money and then we realized that we are giving him KT and he hardly knows anything. So the question I have is does jitsi company provide any technical support or commercial support?

we solved several problems ( jitsi/ jibri/ jitsi mobile) on trial and error basis. I dont think we can sustain inthis mode for long as we have to go live and quickly respond to market/ fix issues quickly. So asking if Jitsi itself provides any commercial support.

While i am aware of Jitsi SAAS but I want to own the servers and hence this is not an option.

The Jitsi team does not provide such services, sorry. The best option is to find someone from the paid section to work with.

What issues have you been facing in setting up autoscaling.

How have to approached the issue, what have you already done and where did you get stuck?