Need Technical Help


I have modified the code as per my requirements and changes are now in testing phase.

I have few questions which are following.

  1. Is there any limit of users in conference if it is end2end encrypted?
  2. Can we increase the Video Quality to HD when 3 or mores users join the room. quality is good when only 2 participants in the room.
  3. Can we increase the sharing quality to 100fps.

Looking for a guidance and help.


The limit is 20.

It should he high already, that might be an issue in your deployment. Do you observe the same on


Thanks for the response.

What is the maximum fps we can set for screen sharing to make it smooth ?
Only 20 users in e2ee is big limitation, So is there any work in progress by jitsi community to increase the number because in our setup 60-70 students can join the room. Is there any way we can bypass this limitation.


I believe is 30.

You could build your own Jitsi Meet and change it. There are 2 reasons for that limit: one is technical, due to the signalling overhead, and the other one is that arguably the point of e2ee in very large groups is kinda moot, since data can be exfiltrated easily (a user can do a local recording).

Note that despite e2ee not being available for such large groups all data is transit encrypted at all times.


So if we do not use e2ee data is still encrypted.
Can you please share any documentation or link that would help to understand how data is secure without e2ee . Sorry I am asking a lot but this is the need of our app certification I hope you can understand. We need to submit every details of the app.

I am working on jitsi meet and modifying all the source code and I am pretty comfortable with React so is there any resources out there that would help to modify the e2ee part to increase the user limits.

I have seen on GitHub official page of jitsi it is mentioned that electron version supports e2ee out of the box so my question is If we use electron app so only 20 participants can meet together in one one room. Is that correct ?


Jitsi Meet Security & Privacy | Jitsi scroll down to where e2ee is mentioned.

Sort of. Electron is really Chromium, and Chromium is the only browser engine where we currently support E2EE. Firefox does not implement the necessary APIs, and we need to test the Safari implementation.


Thank you so much, I have one last question.
I downloaded jitsi app from Apple AppStore inside description it is mentioned that app is e2ee so it means iOS and Android are by default e2ee as per my understanding.
Please clarify this.


It does not say that. It says “* Encrypted by default.” which is the case. All data is transport encrypted, that is, no unencrypted data leaves your device.

Oh! Ok you are right . Well I develops apps for healthcare and education that’s I need to clarify everything for user satisfaction.


Makes sense, happy to answer questions.