Need some help with turn server config files


Could anyone, please, take a look at my config and check if it’s OK?

psosody config

meet config
I don’t use p2p, so I haven’t changed the p2p part of the code, just uncommented useStunTurn: true after “// Use XEP-0215 to fetch STUN and TURN servers.”

the turn server config

videbridge (sip properties)
added “org.jitsi.videobridge.DISABLE_TCP_HARVESTER=true”

Is this correct?

How can I tell if jitsi+turn combo is working at all?

Thank you.

If you are connected using turn you will see in your local statistics (turn).

Move your turn config before any virtualhost.


Sorry, but where is this exactly? Is this the window I get when I hover my mouse over a user icon on the right side of the screen? The one that shows bandwidth, packet loss etc

Yes, and there is an option show more, where you will see addresses of the connection, protocol and there you will see p2p or turn … or nothing, just the address in case of direct bridge connection