Need some direction

Hey all I need some direction in the area of what hardware I’d need and configuration I would need to make a setup run smoothly that I have in mind.

I’m looking at setting up a Jitsi-Meet Deployment and here’s what I want the deployment to accomplish.

  • Limit Participants to 15 users - I’m going to have to use the Prosody Plugin for that I know.
  • Limit Conference Rooms to 10 - I have checked and supposedly there’s a way to do this using another Prosody Plugin
  • Allow the 10 Conference Rooms to Live Stream via YouTube - This is possible using Jibri, from what I gather I’ll need to have 10 different Jibri Server Deployment/Instances to accomplish this.

Can someone tell me what hardware requirements I’d be looking at?
Would I need to separate the Jitsi meet, Jicofo, and Jitsi Video Bridge into separate servers to accomplish this number?

I do know that I’m going to probably have to use Amazon AWS or similar services to accomplish this, but I need some help figuring out what the hardware requirements would be for a deployment with this goal in mind.

Any help would be appreciated thanks.

Currently for the bridges and jibri we use c5.xlarge instances. This instance should be enough to handle 10*15 participants, I think.