Need latest documentation on Jitsi + Jibri installation on AWS

I am struggling to get Jibri to work, even after following documentation such as this -

Jitsi Meet is running fine on our server, the recording part is not working.

I also see conflicting comments about updating Kernel as part of Jibri configuration - some say it should be done and others say it will break as AWS updates kernel automatically and security updates will not get applied

Please share latest documentation that might be available to set up Jitsi + Jibri (multiple instances) on AWS, appreciate your help.

You can ignore all the Jibri parts about the kernel if you use PulseAudio. Here is how we do it with Docker: jibri: switch to PulseAudio · jitsi/docker-jitsi-meet@fbb8a2d · GitHub

You can use that PulseAudio config as a starting point.

Thanks for the link, is there a set of instructions to follow the configuration needed ?

JUst follow the standard Jibri installation instructions (see the README) and add the PulseAudio config.

In Jibri installation instruction, there is a reference to “config.json” at the end (note says " Once you have configured config.json , start the jibri service") but I could not find that file anywhere in the set of instructions. I see only “jibri.conf”. Am I missing something ?

We have indeed migrated to jibri.conf. The syntax is similar.

I could get Jibri to run and record meeting but it is saving only locally on laptop. It is not saving to the pre-defined server location set in jibri.conf. Do you have a suggestion on what I might be doing wrong ?

You are using local recording, not jibri. Maybe your recording service is not enabled in config.js?

Which config.js are you referring to ?

Is this the config you refer to - /etc/jitsi/meet/

Yep, that one

Yes, it is working fine now, thank you very much to all for the prompt replies as always.

In that config file, I had enabled fileRecordingsEnabled: true but did not enable recordingService. Once I enabled that as you suggested, it started to work.