Need Jitsi SDK for Xamarin

Hi, I am a xamarin Developer. I want to implement the Video call in our dummy project, because my client wants to implement this in xamarin. So, If you have any sdk for xamarin Please provide me otherwise provide me .jar file of android sdk and .a file of ios sdk. So that I can implement it in my dummy project.


Hi there,

Sorry we don’t have a Xamarin SDK. You can read about our Android and iOS SDKs here and here

Any news about sdk or workaround for Xamarin?

I am also looking for Xamarin For Android.

We have no plans to work on a Xamarin SDK.

Hello @Rahul_Thakur , You can build a Xamarin Wrapper Library around the native Android and iOS sdks and use the build output (dll) of the wrapper library project in your Xamarin app.
I did some work back with the iOS SDK you will find here but couldn’t make major progress with the Android bindings.

Yap I am using Xamarin iOS bindings and working fine credit goes to @Seesi and other contributors but most of the clients demand both iOS and Android on same technology.
So I am also looking for the Xamarin Android binding hopefully community would give some solution.