Need Jitsi desktop client SIP. Which Jitsi product?

Which Jitsi products meet our needs below?

  • Desktop Client for Debian 10 Buster or 11 Bullseye
  • Connect with our SIP server
  • Libre Source
  • No limit
  • Free
  • Recent & frequent updates

Below is the same message as above. But with details if you’re interested in those.

By “Client” we mean a software which can be somehow downloaded. Then install. Without having to install a full server. As we already have our own SIP server. Which is not powered by Jitsi Meet.

By “SIP server” we mean that we already have a SIP server. Which is not powered by Jitsi Meet.

By “Libre Source” we mean “Open Source”. Without any dependencies on third party closed source software.

We spent a few hours trying to answer this question. We’re confused by all the Jami products.

  • Jitsi Desktop
    This Jami Deskop (1) fully meet our needs listed above. But we heard that this Jami Deskop is no longer develop since 2017. And that it’s replaced by this Jami Meet. But Jami Meet does not seem to meet our needs. Details about those above.

  • Jitsi Meet
    If we understand correctly, Jitsi Meet (2) is available in two options :

    • The first option is a self-hosted server. Which required advanced skills to install and maintain. We do have a team of DevOps and SysAdmin able to do this. But this option does not meet our needs above. As we need a Client only. In other words, a Client which is not dependent on the installation of a Jitsi Server.
    • The second option is a JaaS. Which has numerous limits. Which can be unlocked with a payment. This does not meet our needs above.
  • Jitsi App
    All the Jitsi App, such as this one (3), do not meet our needs above

  • Jami
    This Jami (4) Client fully meet our needs. But we need a secondary desktop client for SIP.

Somehow, this forum does not all me to add any links. An error message is display, “You can not post a link to this host”. I’m guessing it’s because my account is new. All links go to either Jitsi own websites or other Libre Software websites. In the future, I’ll try to update this post with links. Meanwhile, I added (placeholder numbers).

Jitsi Desktop is close to that but alas doesn’t get frequent updates anymore.

If you need a SIP client you can give Linphone a try, or (in a past life I worked on this one) Blink.

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Good morning, and thanks for your reply @saghul :slight_smile: I noted your 2 suggestion