Need Jitisi Developer to add Six Features to Existing Jitsi Application

I am looking for a Jitsi developer to add the following add-ons to a Jitsi application on a Yii website:

  1. Start live stream
  2. Open shared document
  3. Invite someone
  4. Add Scheduling with Global Time Zone
  5. Add meeting password
  6. Add virtual background



Hello @Gary_D, we can help you with your requirement as that is something that lies under our expertise. I have sent you a DM. Please check it out.


Hi Gary,
We sent you a DM. Kindly refer to that and reach us for more clarifications.
Thank you.

Best Regards,
Team Meetrix

Hi Gary,

We are jitsi specialized software development company. We can help you with your requirements. Find our feedback below regarding each point.
Start live stream - We need to configure jibri with your required RTMP endpoint on separate servers
Open Shared Document - We need to setup etherpad
Invite someone - Jitsi does give you an invite option. But if you need a more sophisticated solution like sending out an email invite we can build it
Add scheduling with global time zone - Need more clarification on this as to whether you need a separate portal or build on top of jitsi. Either way it could be done
Add meeting password - This is available already. But you need to pre-configure a meeting password we can help you out
Add virtual background - This is also available out of the box. Have you built the frontend yourself using lib-jitsi-meet?

We have sent you a detailed message directly.

Team Telzee