Need help with jitsi recording on account level

Hi team,
We as a product are planning to use jitsi recording with jibri . I have a doubt that can we use this recordin option on account level like to display recording button to some person and to hide it from others.

If yes please let me know if we have any thread for this.


Welcome to the forum.

You can look into JWT Tokens - lib-jitsi-meet/ at master · jitsi/lib-jitsi-meet · GitHub

Hi @Freddie
Thanks for your quick response. But from above i cant find what i was looking for. Basically i want recording button to be configurable that is to show it or hide it according to our need. Is there any hack for same like for initiating call in audio mode we are using config.startWithAudioMuted=true to mute audio conditionally.
Any help will be highly appreciated