Need help with Dropbox integration

thanks :slight_smile: needs CONFIG_FILE_PATH="/etc/jitsi/uploader" but what to put in there ? There is none installed with the debian package and couldn’t find any sample googling.

Thanks @Tanvir and @damencho,
In my case, I need to share the uploaded video to participants. I’d love your recommendations on how to implement this.
Is there a callback for upload finished?

Can you please explain me, how can I setup and how its works?

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@damencho i am trying upload dropbox and s3 as well. "finalize_recording_script_path": "/home/jibri/" how can pass parameter to this script

There are already params passed there, you can check for examples.

Hello @freddya,

Still stuck with recording enabled with dropbox?
check this out… we’ve worked on it well n it works as expected with options too.
let me know if you need any support there…

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Hi @damencho . I have successfully integrated the dropbox with jitsy viva jibri. I have jitsy and jibri on two different servers. I am using iframe Api to override servers default parameters to initiate the iframe api’s meeting object. The issue is I can override all other parameters but can’t override the dropbox api object .I want to have dynamic dropbox client key. It takes the drop box configuration from server and does not override in iframe api object where meeting is initiated. Can you help in this problem. Thanks alot in advance.

But why would you be overriding the Dropbox key. This key is one per app, you don’t need to overwrite it if its working, an I’m missing something?

Actually I am using it with laravel app designed for teachers each teacher has its own meeting room and will want to save recordings to different dropboxes where they can access and share them. That’s why I want it to be dynamic . We take key from teacher and dynamically override the key while creating a meeting object.

But the key from the config.js is just a key to be able to use Dropbox api in the app, it is not per user. Then using their api you are able to fire dropbox authentication in the app and user logins, those logins are stored in the local storage … and you want to pass that data … I’m not sure what is that data and can you pass it from one localstorage of the browser to another or maybe there is a way to use their api with some user token, you need to explore their api and see what is possible and how to pass it to iframe api.

The api key is for developer, each teacher will use their own login credentials of dropbox, that way each will save on their own drop box account. So the API key has nothing to do with which dropbox account the recording is saved.

It means we can’t override dropbox client id coming from config.js in our parameters while creating an iframe api meeting object?

you mean same api key can be used for different account credentials? Or those accounts has to be linked with the developer account whose client key are we using for auth?

Yes, this key is just allowing access to the jitsi-meet app to use dropbox API to authenticate users, there is no connection between this key and users.
There is one such key on and every user around the world can login with their own accounts.

thanks alot @damencho & @Nirav_Shah. That worked.

Hello I have hosted jitsi on our server, other functionality working well. Now I have to start call recording and save on dropbox. Can you please share any reference/document or link for step by step integration of call recording dropbox.

Hi, I need help with the dropbox upload, log shows http bad request error.

Sat Oct 10 10:37:11 CEST 2020 START Uploader tool received path “/srv/recordings/yeaottesvvopuvpf”
2020-10-10 10:37:12.583 INFO: [55] Sat Oct 10 10:37:11 CEST 2020 total 588 -rw-r–r-- 1 jibri jibri 594777 Oct 10 10:37 bluehacker_2020-10-10-10-36-04.mp4 -rw-r–r-- 1 jibri jibri 272 Oct 10 10:37 metadata.json
2020-10-10 10:37:12.583 INFO: [55] Upload Candidate bluehacker_2020-10-10-10-36-04.mp4
2020-10-10 10:37:12.583 INFO: [55] Uploading file /srv/recordings/yeaottesvvopuvpf/bluehacker_2020-10-10-10-36-04.mp4 to path /Recordings/bluehacker on 2020-10-10 10-37.mp4
2020-10-10 10:37:12.583 INFO: [55] Upload method: dropbox
2020-10-10 10:37:12.583 INFO: [55] > Uploading “/srv/recordings/yeaottesvvopuvpf/bluehacker_2020-10-10-10-36-04.mp4” to “/Recordings/bluehacker on 2020-10-10 10-37.mp4”… FAILED
2020-10-10 10:37:12.583 INFO: [55] An error occurred requesting /upload: HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request

Found the issue . Permission missing with API. Fixed.

Hi, i faced the same error 400 Bad Request. How did you fixed the API permission ?