Need help with Dropbox integration


Hi I followed this document for my jibri with dropbox integration. But the problem is when I try to start recording without authenticating, the confirm button is disabled as shown below,


The 2nd problem is, once I authenticate it recording is working but after recording is done it is not stored in the dropbox…it stores in the path specified in the config file, i.e.


In the jibri log I couldn’t find any error…

Can anyone help me to solve these problem? When I tried with, it works ok
I am using jibri 7.2.71, with latest jitsi-meet deployment (using quick install on ubuntu 16.04)


You need to install on jibri machine and jitsi-upload-integrations, not sure does it require any configuration.


Hi @damencho Thanks for quick reply…I have used apt install jitsi-upload-integrations in the same server as jibri but nothing changed…do i need to enable this config, if ya then which one?


Do you have this in your jibri config:
"finalize_recording_script_path": "/usr/bin/"?


no…cool…i will apply after this…


Thanks @damencho it worked perfectly…btw i think requires jq as dependency…i mean i got an error jq: command not found at first so i installed that and then it worked properly…maybe u can add jq debian package deps


Hi @damencho thanks for sharing…one follow-up question, when I did the recording i realised there is a bug on the sound effect where by when user is using speaker there is 2 sounds in the recording as shown in the video link

I did this recording using website…any advice on how to solve this issue, I mean where can I modify so the sound wont play for jibri?


One of them is coming from the mic and back to jibri, so there is nothing we can do, it is normal audio that needs to be recorded, if you use on that side headset it will not be recorded.
But I agree that we can remove the audio played on the jibri side, I will check it these days.

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