Need help to write a lua module

Hello everyone,

Im not a developer and i would love some advice here. I want to add the the authenticated username to the message, not only send him the message by the initiator id.

Im doing the changes in this script, very knowed in our forum

I tryed to do the same based in this code: jitsi-meet/reducer.ts at aef5328aeb8c187f97880b97dd5a6013c26079f4 · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub

my ideia is read authLogin and find the real user email, write a log in tmy jibri server and send a mail later as i used to do before.

The problem: it is not working 0=D, im really trying to to it myself but any help would be really appreciated.

This is what i have for now :

  function sendSessionId() {
    try {
      const isRecorder =["features/base/config"].iAmRecorder;
      if (!isRecorder) return;

      const session =["features/recording"].sessionDatas[0];
      const session_id =;
      const session_mode = session.mode;
      const initiator_id = session.initiator._id;
	  const user =["features/base/conference"].IConferenceState;
	  const user_login = user.authLogin
      if (session_mode !== "file") return;
	  const msg = "authLogin = " + user_login;
      APP.conference._room.sendMessage(msg, initiator_id);
    } catch(e) {
      setTimeout(function() {sendSessionId();}, 3000);