Need help on integrating jitsi to my website


Hi All,

Can anyone help me on how to integrate jitsi on my own website. I need to customize it with my website name fully. I am not technically good so appreciate if anyone can help.


You can use the iframe API to embed jitsi-meet in your website.


Hi damencho,

I have tried but its giving me the below error in the parent div.

https’s server IP address could not be found

Here is my code :

function initiate_conf()
  var domain = "";
     var options = {
     roomName: "Test Room",
     width: 700,
     height: 700,
     parentNode: document.querySelector('#conf_div')
    var api = new JitsiMeetExternalAPI(domain, options);	


Grateful if you can provide your inputs here.


Have you deployed jitsi-meet on this domain?

As a start you can use as an example and when you have something working you can deploy your own server infrastructure using the quick-install guide.