Need help Installing

I followed the instructions here: for installing in an Ubuntu based environment (Kubuntu), but it asked for hostname, and I just made one up, but later when I read the quickstart guide I realized it meant the web address that I’ll have directing to my IP (I think??) Well anyway when I enter my machine’s IP address into a browser window on my local machine, I get a “Welcome to nginx!” message, but no jitsi video client. I thought to try again and purged everything, but when I reinstalled everything I was never prompted to select a hostname.

Does anyone have an easier way to install this whole thing? Why can’t this be added to the graphic package managers (Discover, Muon, Synaptic)? Why can’t this have a GUI for managing all this stuff. Make it easy please.

I appreciate the concept of having an opensource system for hosting your own video conferences and virtual meetings, especially since every commercial client has limitations and costs. I’d like to make some preferences changes to make it work for my needs. But this is no easy feat to setup.