Need help in unsubscribing the video feed of other users

Have created on the scenario, where considered Moderator as the primary source of the video.

All participants can only see the moderator video, not each other in this setup.

Hence all users don’t need to see each other video hence currently just hidden their instance but wish to unsubscribe to save the bandwidth of the setup,

Do suggest if their is any way to unsubscribe the user feed between the participant of the call

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Are you hosting your meeting on the free public instance at or you have your own Jitsi server?

Hi ,

Hosting on ows AWS EC2 instance i.e. own jitsi server.

If I understand you correctly, you want to only show the Video of the Moderator, correct? If so, you can set channelLastN property (in your config.js) to 1, so only the Moderator (who because of authentication, should be the first one in the meeting) can show video. The default value is -1, which allows an unlimited number to show video.

AFAIK channelFirstN is not implemented yet :slightly_smiling_face:

No, but channelLastN is. If set to 1, allows only one video feed. In a moderated meeting with authentication enabled, meeting can be set to start with videos muted, then with LastN set to 1, when moderator turns on video, it will be the only feed.


Let me provide you a clear scenario.
We want the moderator video to be shown to all participants. Also, the moderator can see all participant videos, However, we don’t want participants to see each other videos. hence we cant them to unsubscribe each other and have one subscription connection with the moderator.