Need help in Enterprise Audio & Video Conferencing Implementation

We are planning for an enterprise grade multi Audio & Video conference setup. Each conferece should support at least 500+ audio & 250+ video users.

Looking for a expert individual / company with existing implementation experience

We provide commercial support and services for Jitsi. We can customize and scale jitsi according to your needs. For more information please send us an email at ‘’ and we will get back to you.


We’ve a meeting with +250 users next Tuesday, however, jitsi doesn’t scale well with so many video users. The only way to “save” the situation would be using LastN, it means, disabling access to video streams of people who hasn’t been talking for a while, so each user only gets the last-N active participants.

This works pretty well with Chrome, and doesn’t work at all on other browsers.

In our Tuesday event we will have 9 participants with audio&video and 300 “viewers” without audio and video, just chat. That’s an internal meeting of Barcelona city hall for its employees.

Handling that amount of video streams (250) will simply kill the browsers/apps of your participants, that’s where you’ll bump with scalability issues.

So far we’re handling several >30 participant meetings every working day (with audio and video), but once your cross that barrier, browsers suffer too much and you’ll need lastN.

Right now we have hosted up to 72 participants, and next Tuesday we will see how Jitsi manages with a few hundreds where most people is only an spectator.

If you need any further advice, feel free to contact me at: or +34-666-23-64-33