Need help about jitsi-meet customization path

Hi everyone. First of all thanks for this great project.

I have a project assigned to me last week, it’s basically a custom jitsi-meet server that will communicate with another server when conference events occured.

I have little linux experience; basic terminal commands, installing packages etc…

The project will consists of 3 parts. The first one is a mobile app.

  • Mobile app will get some basic user info and start a jitsi conference with a randomly generated guid room name. Now we know which user is waiting in what room in this stage.
  • Whenever a new conference room is created I need to capture this room name and send it to a web service which will record that there is a user waiting to be attended, make some predictions about free agents that could be assigned to the waiting user room.
  • And there is a desktop application that agents are using, whenever previous web service decides to assign an agent to a user this application knows it, thus I will be able to open a browser with assigned room Id in my custom jitsi-meet deployment.

The idea looks simple enough for me to struggle a while. But the problem starts with my inexperience on developing on linux environment. Then continues with jitsi project structure.

My main question is this, what is the starting point for this kind of integration?
Should I use IFrame API on another web application which generates blank pages with guid room names; then call IFrame API to create jitsi UI with my own deployment configuration?
Is this a viable solution in the long term ?

Or is there any place on jitsi-meet codebase that I can capture events like “conference created”, “participant joined” etc. ?

Since on my scenario the initiator of the conference will always be mobile app, should I also need to compile and deploy a custom version of the jitsi mobile sdk pointing to my jitsi-meet deployment ?

Or changing the jitsi-meet react app code (jitsi-meet repo in this case) is enough to capture aforementioned events and call my web service to assign an agent.

Is video-bridge is a possible place to capture these events since the conference id will always gets passed to video-bridge at some point?

I’ve been able to build jitsi-meet repository with “make” command, and run it with “make dev” command, so I believe this is another kind of deployment since it is actually can start meeting on my dev machine. After I changed the source code as by my needs, is there a way to replace existing deployment with this new code base?

Sorry for this long noob questions, I don’t have much time and I don’t want to go a wrong direction from the start. As I have little linux and react/node experience I need all the feedback I can get.