Need developer to build Jitsi JWT token authentication between Drupal


I need someone to build a self hosted jitsi meet server which can accept users only from another server which has Drupal 8 installed and jitsi module.
From the Drupal end, everything should be clear, but the jitsi server installation with token authentication and connecting that to drupal is the task.
It should be installed on Debian 10. One option is to have access to the server but another option is to create step-by step instructions how to install jitsi with token authentication on clean Debian 10 virtual machine and what ever else it needs JWT etc. The connection between Drupal and jitsi server can be made from our end, so that the firewalls etc are working and drupal can show jitsi server video room inside a iframe. The only thing is the authentication.

Payments: Can pay bank wire transfer or Paypal or maybe even cryptos.

(Second task would be to make that jitsi server load balanced, so that there are multiple jitsi servers to handle the load. )

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