Need Desktop software



I have been using Jitsi for several years with colleagues an it just gets better and better, excellent work!

However, when every time I try to use Jitsi with family and friends (including ones that are basically computer literate), there are always problems with sound and video. This is all related to browser parameters and failing to see the ‘allow Jitsi to use microphone (/camera)’, or accidentally clicking ‘don’t allow’. So of course, after a lot of frustration, we are forced to switch over to Skype.

While I like the, ‘nothing to install’ concept, in reality, it will never work for the majority of people as well as a program that you install because:
*browsers are constantly updating and changing their configs
*too many steps each time to have a conversation (‘yes’, ‘yes’, ‘username’)
*too long to try and diagnose and fix what the user did incorrectly

A program that can be installed only needs to be set up once (assuming an updates/upgrades will inherit the previous permissions, or, have a quick tutorial for any additional permissions necessary).

Can you please create a desktop program to install?
For Linux, my guess is that a Snap would be the most universal. Would this also work on Mac?
I guess an .exe for Windows (haven’t used in years).

Or if not, maybe just a browser ‘Add-on’ that includes a type of mini-set up which allows use of the camera, microphone and username entry? (or just add this to the current Add-on for Chromium based browsers and create one for Firefox)



I think we got just what yoiu need:


Opps, missed the desktop version on the home page (though an older version and in the ‘Popular on GitHub’ section).

I’m not sure how to install Electon apps on Solus OS (tried to download and install the .yml files (both), no luck), but was pleasantly surprised to find Jitsi available in the software center! ( Installed without any problems.

In any case, thank you for pointing out the desktop version.


This is Jitsi Desktop which is different from Jitsi Meet Electron


ok, now that I took another look at it, it does look like a standard SIP phone program, which I have never been able to figure out.

I’ll switch over to Kubuntu and try to install Jitsi Meet Electron there. Though I don’t see a .deb file on so i’ll try the .yml Technically, Solus should install .yml files ( but I couldn’t find a program to open/install it with (nothing worked).



On Linux you need the .AppImage. Just make it executable and run it.