Need control the session by a moderator


We are an NGO that provides free educations. We were using Adobe Connect for couple of years, but now we decided to migrate to a new Video Conferencing Application. We found Jitsi and it fulfills all of our needs except that we need to control the session by a moderator. So, I tried to use Jitsi Api for solving this problem but it seems that if the user connects via phone she/he will be led to the app which gives user all features also if user tries to open the page source and gets the meeting-id he can access to the meeting directly and again get access to all feature.

So, could you please help me?

What features do you want to restrict or control ?


Thanks for your replay!

What we want to control:

  1. For coming to the meeting, a moderator accepts or rejects it.
  2. When the moderator turns on the recording, a participant cannot turn it off!


The moderator can always kick participants.

You can enable a secure domain and the moderator will be the only one to authenticate and will be the only one that can turn on/off recording.

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@damencho @MagicFab My target is closely related to him(iracademia), for educational website with some advanced customization. I want below features.
I wanna say that I am totally new in jitsi and researching whether it is possible to implement my desired features through jitsi. And if possible, I am just asking for a proper guideline to implement or suggestion if not possible.

  1. Only moderators(created by super admin) will be able to create a room and authenticated users(can be created by moderators) can join. I want to deploy the server on my own machine so that I can scale my server capacity according to need.
  2. Moderators will have extra moderator power like kicking/muting participant and participants will have normal user power like raise hands and sharing screens or asking questions.
  3. There will be customized GUI for moderator and participants during video conferencing.
  4. I want the recording of the video from moderators perspective and save it for future.
    sorry if anything I said is totaly nonesense as I am new to this. I am just asking if these are possible and if possible which guideline should I follow, which video/documentation should be considered. Thanx a lot in advance.

There is no currently such thing as super admin. You can use though secure domain where only your moderators are authenticated and those are the only ones that can create a room, the rest participants will need to wait for the moderator to join before they are able to join a conference and they join without username and password.

That will be the case if you use secure domain.

If you want to change the UI you are free to do so, you will need to modify jitsi-meet, re-build it and deploy it on your deployment.

You will need to deploy jibri in order to enable recording and moderators can enable Follow-me in order all participants including the recorder to see whatever the moderator sees (changing the onstage participant, hiding/showing filmstrip, hiding/showing shared document if it is enabled, switching to tile view … ).

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Thanx a lot for your reply. Though I still unsure about some things but I guess I will be able to understand after some deep study about jitsi.
another ques is you said that, if I use secure domain, there will be the case like moderator and participant. why can’t I add authentication for the participants also ? as I dont want intruders,is there any other way of handling this case?

Maybe just set the room with password (along with secure domain).

@Ark74 are you sure,this is possible? i am just being sure that all the features I need,I will be able to add… and as my main goal is educational platform I don’t want intruders in a classroom rather than teacher and students.
if room password can be set by moderator it will also fulfil my requirements,but is this built-in in secure domain or do I have to take care of it on my own?

Check it at

Most features are available.
Or spin off a jitsi instance on a cheap vps to test.

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Moderator can kick participants.

If you want, I suppose you can implement this, but you will need most probably modifying jitsi-meet, lib-jitsi-meet and jicofo projects.

Locking a room with password is available by default. Secure domain is something you need to configure on your own deployment, as you will need to create users and such.

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