Need "breakout room" function

Hello we are currently on another conference system but would really consider this!
You got some nice features.
Would you please consider to have the “break out” option for groups- like BBB etc.



The same, this would really be a great solution for us.

I agree, this would be very helpful. Even an option to self-assign rooms, but be able to create them in the UI.

I will mention that anyone needing a temporary solution can create a bunch of sub rooms (just add a suffix to your current meeting name, like Room1) and then drop the list of rooms in the chat. I know it’s not as smooth as being able to assign people but it’s still something you can direct people to do, and then they just click that link. You’ll just have to experiment if they have to close the other browser tab or any other instructions.

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yes break out rooms are needed! but thats a great suggestion in the meantime if a little clunky

There is an issue reported on the bug tracker requesting the breakout rooms feature, please follow progress there. Don’t comment “me too”! Use the relevant reaction icons under each post.

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