Need advices on a project

Hello everyone !
I got a new agreement with my clients, with the covid-19 crisis they can’t do their debate-meetings anymore so they asked me to supervise a visio-conference for all of them, each month.
It’s a team of 15 people, I would appreciate some help and recommandations of the community for the best way to handle these conferences. Should I setup my own room ? Do I need a beefy computer to make it roll ? It could be a long-term project so do I need a Jitsi developer to help me ?

Please ask me more informations if you want to help.
Thanks a lot.

Maxime BM

Hi Maxime,

I would be glad to help. I have the experience of running up to 18 conferences a day with over 20 people per conference on two different continents. Best of all it can be done economically.

I am also a full Stack developer that uses jitsi in building applications for health and education. Please email me on or private message me here on your requirements.

to answer your questions:

  • Should i setup my own room - for security and better perfomance, yes and depending on which country/continent you are, there are easy ways to do this.
  • right now a 8GB 2 processor cloud computer is good to run a conference for up to 50 participants running video and audio streams - with some tweaking.

I look forward to working with you.


Karlo M.