Need a freelancer who can customize jitsi according to our business requirement

Hi friends,

Need a freelancer who can help with the below requirement.

  • Rocket chat to Jitsi Redirection, in which OKTA integration needs to be placed to verify the user.
  • need to load all the meeting detail info to the Mysql database
  • if there is no moderator in a call the call should get quit automatically.
  • participant should not initiate the call at any point in the time.
  • need to be flexible for a future update.

need your response immediately.

Please reach out to me at

Bhuvan S

Hi @Bhuvan_Shanmugam, we can help you with your requirement. I have sent you a DM and email. Please check it out.


Hi @Bhuvan_Shanmugam,
We sent you a DM. Kindly refer to that and reach us for more clarifications.
Thank you.

Best Regards,
Team Meetrix

Hi @Bhuvan_Shanmugam. Sent you DM.