Need a experienced dev to work on dynamic layouts and user position

We need to develop dynamic layout , user position functionality on latest jitsi, other functionalities on Jitsi.

We need to develop api.executeCommand functions which responds the react js based Jitsi meet layout ui which can be called on Iframe embedded webpages. Example

api.executeCommand(‘updateLayout’, { layout: ‘horizontal’, size: 70 });

// size is % of area which t2 acquires out of 100, balance % 30 is for t1) , layout will be horizontal/vertical

To share Vimeo / Youtube video --------------------------------------
api.executeCommand(‘shareVideo’, { video_url: ‘Vimeo url’ });

api.executeCommand(‘shareVideo’, { video_url: ‘YouTube url’ }) →

to stop video playing

also we need to develop API commands for every one follows me
every one starts muted
every one starts hidden
User position

Revert the profiles with experiences

I can help with this. Reach out, let’s get to work.

Raviv N