Necessary DNS records + Domains for SSL


I installed Jitsi Meet yesterday. Everything works great, and now I want to add recording (jibri) and authentifaction (jicofo). But I’m a little lost regarding the necessary DNS entries and the domains in the letsencrypt certificate.

I’m using two Servers for this example: A is Jitsi Meet/Prosody, B is Jibri. Sorry about the whitespace - I’m only allowed to add two URLs as a new user.

Here’s what I think I need:
jitsi. example. com -> A
auth. jitsi.example. com -> A
focus. jitsi.example. com -> A
jitsi-videobridge .jitsi. example. com -> A
recorder. jitsi. example. com -> A
internal. auth. jitsi. example. com -> A
guest. jitsi. example. com -> A
jibri1. jitsi. example. com -> B

I’m not sure which of those are really needed and which are only used internally (just in Prosody, if that’s possible). If I visit in this configuration, I’m greeted with the normal Jitsi Meet GUI. (I’m using nginx as a webserver).

Since I’m not sure which DNS entries are necessary, I don’t know which domains to include in the ssl certificate.

I asked the question here